Bandit Headlight Conversion
Suzuki seems to have a design and quality flaw in the headlight unit of the 2001-2005 Bandits, namely they suck. The projector beams are poorly focused, the individual units themselves come loose, the blockers in the lights come loose and drop in front of the bulbs, and there is a black dust that coats everything inside and outside the projectors, the lenses, the reflector and the clear plastic cover. Oh, and the wiring is pathetically weak.

I found on a couple of guys who had the same problem and discovered a cure ( The cure is to take the unit apart and replace the stock projectors with new ones from Hella. I purchase them from Susquehanna Motor Sports ( I also purchased a new wiring harness and relays for the lights from Jim at Eastern Beaver (

Clint Buhs ( did a great job detailing the procedure step-by-step. Follow his instructions to the letter to get this done.

Barry, or Bazza ( details the wiring problem and has on his site before and after photos of the lighting differences between the old and new units.

These photos are not meant to show the procedure, though some of them do, they are meant more as an example of how dirty the original lights get and why they don't work. Just take a look at the first photo in this set and the last for an example. Note that the clear plastic lens on the first photo has been cleaned from the outside just prior to the photo being taken.
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