All cleaned up and looking much better!!

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    This took about 6 hours of non stop action... I'm pooped.

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    1. jajasavage 59 months ago | reply

      I love your crazy ideas. That's pure joy.

    2. woolly fabulous 59 months ago | reply

      Thank you VERY much everyone!!!! I keep going in the back yard to look at it... it makes me soooo happy!!

    3. BooDilly's 59 months ago | reply

      i wish you were my neighbor. love,love,love!

    4. woolly fabulous 59 months ago | reply

      Thanks Boo!! I wish you were my neighbor as well... I really do.

    5. dAbE-Art 59 months ago | reply

      what a brilliant idea would love to see it again next year to see how the lace would incorporate with the rocks

    6. The Craggy Moor 59 months ago | reply

      wow what a creative idea! Is it cotton lace or nylon?

    7. woolly fabulous 59 months ago | reply

      Thank you!! I used a thrifted cotton tablecloth and a variety of cotton doilies.

    8. Urban Woodswalker 56 months ago | reply

      Aboslutely gorgeous!

    9. Ueda Girl 52 months ago | reply

      So beautiful!

    10. stitchlily 49 months ago | reply

      Amazing, really, truly beautiful

    11. woolly fabulous 49 months ago | reply

      Thank you so much's been almost a year now for this installation, I'm very curious to see how it looks now. I'll have to wait till the snow melts!!

    12. nakedowl [deleted] 46 months ago | reply

      The snow has melted now and I'm eager to know if they survived the winter intact. Did they? And what did you use to seal the lace on?

    13. Ladybug Lovelies 38 months ago | reply

      think i'd have to sew them on here--extremes in weather would probably cause glue to release, but love this's just beautiful thanks for sharing and have a great day

    14. bella.m 36 months ago | reply

      These are simply beautiful!!!

    15. Daniela.H. 33 months ago | reply

      Would love to see what they look like today ♥

    16. angela8626 16 months ago | reply

      This is magical! How well did it hold up?

    17. woolly fabulous 10 months ago | reply

      Sorry for missing your question Angela! It lasted for about a year... those last few months were not very pretty. I took all of the doilies off and I might give it another go. I think I'll dip the doilies in a water based polyurethane and then wrap the stones.I'll bet that makes the doilies hold up a bit better.

    18. angela8626 10 months ago | reply

      Too bad it didn't last longer,it's so beautiful. The poly sounds like a good idea. I could see this done on a smaller scale, say in a large aquarium.

    19. collaich 7 months ago | reply

      Love the idea, would not have thought of it myself but now........wait and see

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