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    old Commodore PET computer (complete with tape deck for loading and saving programme and a built in monitor). I think this model was the very first home computer (as we know them) that I ever saw, when I was a wee boy, late 1970s. My dad's friend was an amateur meteorologist, had a room full of (for the time) hi-tech equipment like a HAM radio, a print out that fed him data right from a weather satellite and the like. He got himself one of these and knowing I like science fiction he thought I'd like it so he got dad to bring me round. Two or three years late I'd have my own home computer, a Texas TI-99 4/a and I've pretty much had a
    computer of some sort right through till today.

    UPDATE: the view for this went insane, two and a half thousand in one day, turns out when I shared it on the BoingBoing Flickr pool Xeni ran it on the main BB blog, my views went mental: Seems a lot of folks have memories of this old machine! They had an early Apple, the one you built yourself (this one had the circuit board built inside half a briefcase!) and a ZX81, but they were in a very dark corner and my pics didn't come out (and behind glass so flash no use). Ah well, got this one anyway...

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    1. CD Doug 41 months ago | reply

      I can remember wanting one of them but not being able to afford it ;-)

    2. allybeag 41 months ago | reply

      Brings back memories, that does. It was a Commodore PET on which I learned to write BASIC. There was a sort of Computer Suite at Napier College (as it was then) and you could just go along, pay a small fee, and sit down with an instruction book and teach yourself programming. Not being able to afford my own computer at the time, I took advantage of this. Eventually I bought a second hand BBC 'B' and never looked back, really.

    3. Space Ritual 41 months ago | reply

      Thank You for Posting at DIMEX

      Well done. Excellent Image!
      AVP Manhattan Beach 6454r-DIMEXFlickr
      Seen in DIMEX group.

    4. Grant_R 41 months ago | reply

      Seen that there last week, so cool! Loved seeing the ZX81 too, my first computer and where I learned the basics of programming.

    5. { cary } 41 months ago | reply

      Wonderful! I spent most of the 7th grade hiding away in our school's tiny computer lab, teaching myself BASIC on a PET.

      This photo makes me happy.

    6. btn1131 41 months ago | reply

      That is an oldie!

      I saw this great image at MyFuji

    7. sgcrawf 41 months ago | reply

      All hail Friend Computer!

    8. sambeau 41 months ago | reply

      8K Pet! I learned to program on one of those. *sigh*

    9. Magdeburg 27 months ago | reply

      Danke für das Einstellen in die Gruppe Fotos im Museum.
      Thank you for posting on the group photos at the museum.

      Have a nice day. :)

    10. byronv2 27 months ago | reply

      Nice! How clunky they look now, but back in the day they seemed so sci-fi...

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