Saint John's Church mural for Pope's visit to Edinburgh

The artists for justice and peace at Saint John's on Princes Street (who I've featured on here many times over the years) created this work in time for the Pope's visit to Scotland - his route today went right past this (damn him and his route and the traffic chaos it caused many of us trying to get to bloody work today!), a comment on the intolerance and bigotry the Catholic church has been known to indulge in for centuries (and part of the reason many here objected to taxpayers shelling out millions for a state visit from a man who heads an institution which has problems with gender equality, practises homophobia and shields child abusers, not to mention advisers who publicly insulted the UK right before the visit).

  • /\ \/\/ /\ 5y

  • James B. Phillips 5y

    Typical anti-Catholic Protestant bigotry and full of hypocrisy to boot. England has a very cruel and bloody history of murdering hundreds of thousands, actually millions of Catholics for simply being Catholic. This includes the great Irish Potato Famine which was actually a planned genocide against the Irish Catholics. (cf and

    As for the real truth about Copernicus and Galileo -- if you can handle it -- and how they were indeed wrong and how the Catholic Church was indeed right visit But don't bother visiting the site if you have a closed mind and are only willing to believe the false heliocentric paradigm most of us have been duly inculcated with by atheist scientists such as Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking et al.
  • byronv2 5y

    James, you are clearly too foolish to even read this - you right away go off on a rant about the English, when a quick glance would show you this is taken in EDINBURGH which is the capital of SCOTLAND, not England and the church was on the route of the Pontiff's visit. So get your facts right. And your claim of millions of Catholics slaughtered is demonstrably wrong - while dreadful amounts of blood was spilled, it was spilled on both sides of the religious divide and had as much to do with straightforward land-grabbing impearialism, not a sustained, deliberate policy of genocide based on religious caste and as such doesn't bear comparison to the Holocaust. Since you can't tell England from Scotland you will understand as someone who has a lot of historical reseach under his belt I take your opinion to be fairly dubious

    And on facts Copernicus and Galileo have been proven correct by many examples and experiments over several centuries, to suggest otherwise is quite laughable - if you want to live in a flat world where a cruel, repressive religious tyrant can have people tortured for daring to expore the universe of knowledge that is your choice, do not try to tell me to do so nor to try to claim against centuries of proven historical and scientific fact tested by many in different lands and still proven. Again I find your 'facts' to be as laughable as those of the 'intelligent design' anti-intellectual fool brigade. If this image annoys you then simply bugger off and don't bloody look at it, but do not start trying to peddle your logic-impaired and utterly foundationless slant on history and science to me.
  • James B. Phillips 5y

    Byron (or is it bryonV2 ?), as you can see -- or at least I hope you can -- I've already irrefutably proven your first sentence false since I'm responding. Hopefully, you are not too arrogant to read this. You right away (Well, no actually there was a whole 3 hours delay!) go off on a rant about my post.

    Now, let's get down to brass tacks. If you would just take a deep breath and step back a moment you will see that there is nothing false in my statement. I never stated that Edinburgh is not the capital of Scotland nor that it is the capital of England. Nevertheless, you have obviously for convenience sake tried to imply that I did. So please follow your own advice and "get your facts right."

    Query as to why you say, "the church was on the route of the Pontiff's visit." What does that have to do with the price of rice in China? I never said or even implied that it wasn't! Again, when trying to correct me "get your facts right." It will save you a lot of futile assertions.

    As for your attempt to rationalize and or marginalize the genocide carried out against the Irish Catholics, I hope anyone reading this will have the good sense not to do the same.

    By the way, you misspell imperialism. But then again, perhaps you were too busy doing your "historical reseach [sic]."

    Interesting that you bring in the subject of the "Holocaust." I never even mentioned it. I wonder why you are. I guess it's part of your "historical reseach [sic]."

    As per your second paragraph, I've got to hand it to you. You really show your true colors by going ballistic. I must have really touched a nerve with some of your sacred cows. Apparently, you enjoy posting your anti-Catholic bigotry, but when someone challenges it you really go nuts with all kinds of strung out hyperbole. I suggest you grow a thicker skin or keep your bigotry to yourself.

    P.S. Don't forget to open your mind and visit -- and don't be frightened. I promise you that no one there will have you in your own words: "tortured for daring to expore [sic] the universe of knowledge."
  • byronv2 5y

    Re England, your original statement started off ranting about the evil English, so the inference, to me at least, was that you were using this as some old historical grudge match to go off on the English (not a concept unknown to Scots, believe me), which seemed odd since England and Ireland had never been mentioned, all I did was show a satirical image erected by a church in Scotland on the processional route of the Pope, to show how many,. many here felt about the visit of a man who was head of an organisation that has fostered bigotry for centuries and still does. This is satire, not some anti Catholic bigotry as you would have - if at the cost of millions to UK taxpayers we can have a papal visit inflicted on us against the will of millions then at the least people have the right to post well thought out satires against the church. You ignored all of this and launched into an Irish holocaust rant that had nothing to do with the papal visit, the local church's artwork or my pic. And you did bring up holocaust comparisons by directing me to a site with that very word in the title.

    As for going ballistic, you think that was ballistic then you are obviously terribly sensitive and I stand by my own well informed decades of learning and reading on Galileo, Copernicus and the despicable practises, especially in those eras, of the church. It is not bigotry, it's history. Criticising is not bigotry, despite the fact too many religious groups defensively seem to confuse to the too and cry persecution.

    I posted an image of a satirical artwork tied to a then current event in my city, I have no desire to get into some ill informed 'debate' (and I use the word quite wrongly here) with someone like you, kindly take your judgements and rants off somewhere else.
  • James B. Phillips 5y

    Sorry Bryon, but your self- serving protestations notwithstanding, your ill-informed anti-Catholic bigotry is all too obvious. Da Nile ain't just a river in Egypt.

    By the way, have you received any compliments yet from the Grand Lodge of Scotland? I'm sure those anti-Catholic Freemason bigots just love your comments here and your posted "art."
  • tomtell 5y

    For what it's worth, I think you actually have the more convincing argument here Byron.
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Taken on September 16, 2010
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