The Low Glider
The Low Glider is a fluorescent yellow, two-seat recumbent bike built on a fairly conventional frame. The bike is one of the newest in the fleet and because it uses the newest technology it has fewer components and a simplicity to its design. It is lightweight, with fewer parts that can malfunction or break.

The Low Glider is one of two trikes in the fleet, (the rest are quads). Because of its minimalist design, the bike does not have all the same features as the other modern bikes. It cannot carry a large amount of water for the dogs, cameras, or back-up gear like rain suits and warmer clothing, but The Low Glider boasts one of the newest electronic motors, which has about 1ooo watts of power. Both riders can peddle The Low Glider independently or together. Torque and climbing ability took precedent over speed in the design of this bike.
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