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Project Waves. Four:2. | by Jonathan Woods Photography
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Project Waves. Four:2.

This for me was more of an experimental photograph, in that I've composed without any land / rocks in the scene. I'm finding that I really like long lenses for landscapes at the moment (something I'm starting to mirror in my large format work as well), and the ability to really bring out the fine detail in these waves really forces a new way of thinking. Perhaps next time I'll be able to get closer and indeed lower down, so as to give an even more dramatic perspective.


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Recently, it's occurred to me that I wanted to try something a little different and step outside of my comfort zone... just a little. I've always had a love of the sea, and a fascination for waves (and indeed most things in nature which exhibit such complex behaviour), so I thought I'd give it a go. Instead of the classic landscapes, can I turn my hand (or rather eye) to shifting the focus towards waves as the main element in a scene, rather than a mountain, say. Their constant motion, which is typically so difficult to predict, forces a whole new way of looking at a scene. So this is the start of a short series of photographs taken either of waves directly, or where the wave is the key element in a scene. This first set, which I'll upload in relatively quick succession, was all taken in Cornwall, and all on a Mamiya 645 Super and a manual focus 105-210mm F/4.5 lens. The films used are Ektar 100, Portra 160, Portra 400 and Provia 100F.

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Uploaded on July 14, 2018