Pit Bull attack in Woodlake
A Woodlake resident was walking his toy poodle (Bobo) at the intersection of Woodlake Circle and Wind Bell at about 6pm, 17 October 2014. Two large pit bull dogs attacked the man and poodle at that corner. They attacked from behind as the man and poodle walked. The pit bulls ran up to the man and poodle silently. They knocked the man down, apparently trying to get to the poodle, who was leading. The man scooped-up the poodle. The pits knocked the man to the pavement 2 more times. They were apparently after the poodle. The man tried to hold the poodle up, away from the mouths of the pit bulls but, the pits were too heavy, pushing the man down repeatedly. The third time the man fell, he lost control of the poodle and one of the pits got to the small dog. The poodle was yanked out of his harness. The man kicked the pit in the head and managed to recover the poodle but, damage was already done.

3 kids were playing soccer at the Woodlake entrance and saw the attack. They ran up and pulled the pit bulls away from the man and poodle. The 3 boys clearly saved the man and poodle from more damage. Two of the kids live in Woodlake subdivision. All this happened within about 2 minutes.

The 2 pit bull dogs allegedly recently moved into a property across the street (Water Works) from the Woodlake subdivision entrance. Bell county sheriff was at the scene. Bell County animal control will investigate.

Photos in this album describe the timeline of this event. The first four photos were caught by a Woodlake security camera. The scene of the actual attack was, unfortunately, out of view of this security camera.
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