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    The little dots on my head were used during my pre-operative MRI. Software is used to assign geographical coordinates to the image, enabling the surgeon to pass an infrafed pen over my head, and see the actual location on the MRI screen. This, in turn, allows them to find the precice location of the meningioma (tumor) before cutting into my head.


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    1. MD..>> [deleted] 106 months ago | reply

      oh god...it even LOOKS so freaky. i get constant headaches/migraines and i was once advised to go for a MRI - as stupid as it may sound but i feel suffocated (claustrophobic?) to imagine myself pushed inside. that's the only thing keeping me away from it.

      i really really hope u feel better now and hope u recover soon.

    2. Muffet 106 months ago | reply

      This thread is fascinating, especially knowing that everything turned out well. Thanks for going into detail...

    3. Crfullmoon 106 months ago | reply

      I'm glad the Dr. took photos for you, and us.

      (MD..>> if you get an MRI, tell flickr about it. Or, think about flickr friends while you are in the MRI.)

    4. MD..>> [deleted] 106 months ago | reply


      I'm so nervous. Don't know what to say. But I get the chills when I even think about it. Someday, I'll just bite my tongue and take the leap.

    5. Anita363 106 months ago | reply

      MD..>>: Lots of places are now offering "open MRI" -- machines that are open donuts (more like CT machines) & don't trigger claustrophobia. If it costs more insurance may not cover the difference -- but it may not cost more, or ins may cover if you have a med dx of claustrophobia... worth looking into.

      If you haven't already, also look into foods and other things that trigger migraines. Also look into "chronic daily headache" (analgesic rebound headache). email me for more, & best of luck.

      Woodcreeper: the stereotactic tech. is very cool!

    6. Golden Striker 63 months ago | reply

      BTW, I thought they kept people awake during brain surgery to make sure they weren't cutting into anything you'd need.

      Open MRIs are not as accurate, and before I let someone cut into my effing BRAIN, I think I'd let them just give me all the sedatives I'd need, then shove me into a normal MRI. BTW, they do give heavy amounts of sedatives and hypnotics like halcyon to those who freak when put in a normal MRI.

      MRI machines are so highly magnetic that on one occasion, some moron left an oxygen tank in the same room as the machine, and when they turned it (the machine) on, the tank flew into the MRI with enough force to kill the guy in it. Of all the ways to die. Well I guess they could tell exactly what part of him it damaged enough to kill him. I mean, he's already in the f*cking MRI machine. You could probably skip the autopsy on that one, leave the guy in the MRI tube, seal it and throw the whole thing in the ground. Somebody stop me!

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