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Aha- the Alien revealed!

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Wow....this is so weird! So here we can see the circular cut through the dura layer with my brain and the tumor exposed. Apparently the tumor was a little stuck to the brain and had to be 'peeled' (in the words of my surgeon...very nice) away from it. No biggie, it just added an extra 1.5 hours to the procedure.


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  1. skowronek 106 months ago | reply

    Does your doctor have other pictures of other patients? This is cool, in an exciting sort of way. Not cool having to go through brain surgery. You are blessed to have been able to have that done. I have a close friend whose 3 year old has an inoperable tumor next to the hypothalamus. You really need to go kiss the doctor!

  2. stevenvanwel 106 months ago | reply

    Really a great set! Best wishes and good luck.

  3. adamgreenfield 106 months ago | reply

    Incredible - everything photoblogging should be. Glad to hear you're doing OK & best wishes for a full and expeditious recovery!

  4. Rob T Firefly [deleted] 106 months ago | reply

    Wow, I can't put in words how amazing this is. I'm really glad you came through it all okay, and thank you so much for sharing it with the world!

  5. Anita363 106 months ago | reply

    This is utterly fascinating -- & utterly terrifying. "Just" another 1.5 hr, huh? I had 1 of those -- the surgeon's report said that the tumor was dissected free of the laryngeal nerve "with difficulty," which is about as histrionic as surgical reports ever get. And I was damned lucky I had the best thyroid cancer surgeon west of the the Mayo Clinic -- if he hadn't succeeded, I would have ended up with 2 paralyzed vocal cords, which is far more than 2X as bad as 1.

  6. Scott Beamer 105 months ago | reply

    What I'm dying to know is....

    How did you arrange for the photos to be taken?

    Who took them?

    What was your physician's initial reaction when you brought it up?

  7. Crfullmoon 105 months ago | reply

    Read through the set and all the comments:
    his brain surgeon also happens to love photography, and agreed to have one of his assistants take photos.

    Must have been sure he would do a great job! ;-)

    (Live long and prosper, woodcreeper!)

  8. Cheryl Hellcat 105 months ago | reply

    Wow, what a crazy experience for you! These pictures are so interesting and the surgeon's assistant did a great job of documenting the whole thing. Hope you have a full recovery!

  9. joaobambu 104 months ago | reply

    Extraordinary! Miss Weaver didn´t need to get involved in this operation. There will be no sequels!

    Best wishes!

  10. UBopp 104 months ago | reply

    A photo of a living brain is just about the coolest thing ever. Can you believe that we can open the head, remove part of the brain, close it up, and get on with our lives. more or less repaired?

  11. verdanteyedgoddess 103 months ago | reply

    You and I had the same kind of brain tumor; mine was a 4 cm meningioma which was removed during 10 hours of brain surgery last December. I am happy to see you are recovering well. Continue to enjoy life and take care of you.

  12. sae314sae 97 months ago | reply

    Thanks for sharing! My meningioma will be removed on 6/16. It's 1.5cm x 8mm and is below the brain pressing on the optic nerve.

  13. ladybiker61 81 months ago | reply

    It was good to see what they would have done to me while i was under i didn't think of asking the surgeon to take photos i was so shocked when they told me i had a tumour i just wanted it out,mine was 2mm away from a major artery which made it even scarier i had my head shared completely to raise money for charity i thought someone might as well benefit from it,i raised £380 for P.D.S.A, the op took six hours they told me it would be three,i'm still on the medication and will be for the rest of my life but at least it's gone fingers crossed it wont return but there is no guarantee,i wish you luck and thanks again for the in sight

  14. meunomeélip 66 months ago | reply

    Brilliant photograph.
    Your brain is by far the coolest I've seen.
    I realize that its hard to grasp sincerity over the web from a stranger, but I am genuinely happy to know that all of this went well. And its pretty awesome that your attitude about it is so good. Thank you for sharing the pictures and the story.
    I hope that this finds you happy and healthy.
    Take good care.

  15. MSladyNC 58 months ago | reply

    It's been almost four years - how are you doing? I hope well :) Thank you for sharing!

  16. woodcreeper 58 months ago | reply

    Still kicking, thanks! All is well- I just had my latest MRI but have yet to have it read... based on my non-MD opinion, it looks clear ;)

  17. karrie_amelia 44 months ago | reply

    Thank you so much for sharing these images. I'm
    having a similar surgery soon & being able to better
    visualize what this entails has eased my anxiety a bit.

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