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Crossing that bridge [day 130 of 366]

Hi. I'm back. I'm behind on uploading pics (not taking them, just uploading) for a few reasons. Let me explain:


My wonderful wife Noelle was laid off from her law firm. Her boss laid off the entire staff actually and decided to go for it alone. This guy, he's not that smart. Anyway, she's a lawyer type, and makes more than I do what with me not being the lawyer type and all. So, to brace for the impact, we pulled this little bridge-crosser out of daycare to save $1,300 a month because that's like a second mortgage. Without daycare, all the time I had to edit photos was gone. While it was only a few hours, it made a huge difference in how I allocated my time.


Noelle has interviews (and was already hired for another position - but the start date keeps getting pushed back) so until Ev's back into Daycare, I'm going to be delayed. I know, no one cares, but I just thought I'd put it out there in case someone was like "where is that dude that takes all those pictures of babies & dog assholes?"


On top of that all, I just showed back up at Flickr to find my Pro account has expired. And the boy doesn't seem to make his own money for Father's Day gifts yet. Isn't that some shit?


May 9, 2012

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