~Desert Commandos~

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Originally, from England, the Desert Commandos were an elite commando force during the first Eastern Europe War. They were highly trained in search and destroy tactics, and guerrilla warfare. In short, they were pretty much complete bastards to the enemy.

As the war drew to a close, the Desert Commandos had a force of 10,000 strong, and it kept growing as the leaders saw the huge advantage of them. 2 years after the war ended, the Desert Commandos became a registered Army, with over 26,000 troops.

AS the second Eastern Europe war kicked off, 6 years after the first one ended, the DC numbered in at 60,000 active soldiers, in other words, 60,000 soldiers ready to fight. However, they were small compared to the main armies. During the 3 year war, with a loss of 2,500 DC soldiers, the DC grew by 20,000, now numbering in at 77,500 soldiers. The 2nd E-E war ended 20 years ago.

As time progressed, the DC grew in size, and expanded it's reach to the 3 main branches: Ground, Air and Sea. Therefore, it was no longer a 'commando' group, but a complete armed force.

This caused the name, Desert Commando's to become a nickname and the correct name, UCF, United Commonwealth Forces to be given. However, DC is still used as a nick name, as old habits die hard.

Now, the DC are one of the most advanced armies in the world, in joint position with the SPA

They are currently fighting, once again, in Eastern Europe, now against the Sitirians.

  1. Derek Almen 90 months ago | reply

    Are they an army of clones?

  2. Tim Ltd 90 months ago | reply

    In a way. A vey ealry form on clones, but clones nontheless.

    Wel, it's an army, and I couldn't be arsed making them all different, so I gave them all identical faces...

  3. Skinny Pete Deux 90 months ago | reply

    Good idea introducing the flickrites to your story line. Anyway even tho I already knew this it was still a good read. =)

  4. Tim Ltd 90 months ago | reply

    Haha, cheers Gongfu.

    I really should have made this appaer earlier.. But I fogot xD

  5. Evan Melick 88 months ago | reply

    I dint know they were clones O_o

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