Beacon Hill Alley - My Lucky Shot

OK, so here's the story about this picture.


So I was looking on the computer for places to take pictures in Boston, because i felt like driving down there randomly one day, and I came across a photography walking tour website that was really neat. On the website they had a picture of a neat cobblestone path going between buildings and I really wanted to find that place so I could take a picture of the alley and use it to submit for my NYIP project. Well, it didn't say where it was taken and I figured I'd take the walking tour someday and ask them where it was. Well, while wandering through Beacon Hill randomly, and I mean completely randomly as I would just pick any direction at each intersection if something caught my eye, and I found a neat alley during my wanderings and I took this picture there.


While driving home I started thinking about the picture I saw on the website and realized I may have found that place they took the picture! I got home and pulled my photos up on the computer and realized that picture I took was of the exact same spot, but from the opposite end of the alley! That's why it felt familiar. I had found the place I wanted by accident! Do you know how slim the chances of that are, just randomly walking through Boston, not knowing ANYTHING about the area, and happening to find a tiny alley you had wanted to see? One tiny alley in a huge city?


Luck was on my side that day, huh?

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Taken on August 14, 2009