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问道青城山&Mount Qingcheng | by wolfmars
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问道青城山&Mount Qingcheng

Qingcheng Mountain


Qingcheng Mountain is the most beautiful and quietest mountain. Its peaks over peaks as if to rival who is the best beauty. Boundless luxuriant forest and green trees in every season look like the outline of a city,so it is called Qingcheng; the pure white snow peaks overlook Chengdu Plain of thousands of li, and see sunrise in the morning and " Supernatural Lights" at night.

Qingcheng Mountain is the headstream of Chinese Taoism. the initiator of Taoism,Zhang Taolin in the end of East Han Dynasty, came to Qingcheng Mountain to instruct Taoism from Shanxi. there still go round supernatural stories describing how he fighted hard with devils,how the "Brush Pen Groove" and the " Three Island Stone" formed. Since Jin Dynasty and Tang Dynasty, there are many Taoist Temples with flourishing burning incense, so Qingcheng Mountain was also called "Supernatural Beings's Capital", "Original Courty Yard of Taoist Master". Many statemen, writers left handwriting.In 143(second year Han'an Empire),the initiator of Taoism came to Chicheng Cliff in Qingcheng Mountain and initiated " Five Decalities of Rice Taoism" according to " the theory of Laozi". After Taoist master Zhang Daoling passed away, Qingcheng Mountain also became properous as the headstream of Taoism, original Mountain of Taoist Master,etc. Taoism developed seven sects. there were 40 Taoism temples.In the end of ninth century, Taoism scholar Du Guangting research deeply the Taoism, introjected all sects and became a great master.

there are 11 Taoism temples in Qingcheng Mountain at present. Those Taoism Temples were founded in Jin Dynasty and in Tang Dynasty, are natural,ancient and historical,as well look Sichuan West folk archecture,which show cultural style of Chinese Taoism. the exsiting temples are mainly Fujian Taoism Temple, Master Abode, Shangqing Taoism Temple,Yuanmin Taoism Temple,Yuqing Taoism Temple.

Qingcheng Mountain is famous for its beauty and quietness. Round mountains, surronding rivers, green peaks into cloud, haulting mist and cloud,quiet and deep tracks, etc are characteristic. Thick ancient forest shelder sun; cliff and precipice form a scenic spot; plank road built a cliff wound their ways; small bridge and purl; deep water-eroded cave and thousands pieces of mammary calculus; singing birds and fregrant flowers. Here,the ancient architetures are still well protected; every scenic spot and every thing are ancient,primary,supernatural,beautiful and full of charm.

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Taken on October 1, 2006