Corporate States of America

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    1. JadeSchade 35 months ago | reply

      WOE! You are so missed on yt...but have been reading you on the Daily go girl..!!!
      Many have asked about you and I have been directing them there.

      Stay in touch..let me know how you are..


    2. War on Error1 35 months ago | reply

      Oh, thank you Jade.

      I'm fine. Started getting "copyright infringement" messages from YT.

      I had to balance fam w/the work. I think the year I spent helped people learn how to read the weather online. Like you see, I am still working for the people.

      Love to you and my youtube family.


    3. JadeSchade 35 months ago | reply

      Thanks, for this update..this is what Beware the Stober said! I pointed out to Dutch that you were gone! He was very surprised and seemed shocked and disappointed....Beanoblack has dropped off the 'radar' now...many in the yt family are concerned about him too.

      I understand about the need for balance with family..they have to come first. But your insights and help are sorely missed....darn ol 'copyright infringement'..grr.

      I will let others know I heard from you. Sometimes I go to Dutch's A lot of folks come in and out there. ModdTodd, MrStonley, beano, CalmKitty, 1todomuch, many..most have asked about you there...through Prayersrneeded (she made a typo) and we have become 'gamily' (family)..oh, Mayanoracle has developed a herbal protocol for Morgellon's disease and detox from radds...she sent a large number to these products to many of us (about 60-70 folks I think)....616Warnings is with her for a while helping her..Sheoplevaccine is farming and plays guitar for us sometimes in his tinychat.
      1225Carole has become a voice of reason and a friend.

      Many have moved to have taken the former yt format and are trying to give us what we is improving but it hasn't quite got the same feel as we had before....sigh...Most congregate at MrStonley's channel there...

      I, too, have had to withdraw some from being online so much..have been involved with helping others with their health in holistic approaches...supplements, herbs, homeopathy, biofeedback and an amazing type of light therapy I am learning now.

      But so glad to hear from you...this is it in a 'nutshell'....or what little I know!! : )


    4. Biminia 35 months ago | reply

      WOE, so glad to see you! So glad you are safe, got worried about you.
      We mustn't let the bullies think they have power. Keep on pushing forward.


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