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Personalisation interface | by wocrig
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Personalisation interface

a mock interface drawn up to help identify the various component that would need to be delivered to the end user for personalised delivery of resources.


Mock Outline for JISC Programme Strand on "Semantic Web Personalisation":

1.) Subject specific tool to pull contextual metadata from resources

1.1.) from human resources (subject curators)

1.1.1.) automated machine extraction of human profiles (contextual metadata)

1.1.2.) manual extraction human2human editorial process of discussion, question and answer

1.2.) from scholarly resources

2.) Cross Disciplinary Tools [didn't get the opportunity to discuss]

3.) Matching Algorythm

3.1.) human profile standards

3.1.1.) which standards should be used Standards from Web, e.g. FOAF, SIOC, hCard, hCalendar Subject specific standards which standards can be borrowed and from where? which ontologies will need to be created?

3.2.) knowledge artifact relations

3.2.1.) profile matching 1:N (heavy lifting) interface that is humanly understandable

3.2.2.) item profile match N:N (customized profiles) Investigatory

4.) Investigations on ontological drift (ontological crosswalks)

4.1.) Subject area specific change

4.1.1.) committee based human editorial board publishing editorial process (dictionary)

4.1.2.) network dispersed teams developer plus subject expert mapping across

5.) Usability of human interfaces for interacting with tools

5.1) web based interfaces

5.2.) component interfaces for integration on 3rd party web sites

5.3.) API for utilization of tools


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Taken on November 21, 2008