Vigilant Guard Earthquake Simulation Exercise
Vigilant Guard will begin November 1!

Vigilant Guard is an annual joint civilian and military response exercise which allows civilian and military first-responders to practice life-saving skills.

The scenario this year is a national earthquake and the week-long exercise will be held at the Spaulding Fiber Plant in Tonawanda, NY November 1-6.

It gets a bit hectic, so it will not be open directly to the public but civilian media are invited and encouraged to come.

On November 1st thru 6th the National Guard and the Vigilant Guard as well as multiple other local and regional agencies will be holding a training exercise at the old Spalding Fiber site in Tonawanda. I have been invited to shoot the exercise and will be filling out this set from now till the 7th of Nov . Stay tuned for updates !

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