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Black and White Portrait with 2 lights

Same lighting setup as previous shot. Converted to BW with minimal Photoshop. I really love shooting at wide open aperture with strobe. This is even a slow shutter speed and still sharp. You do have to watch for the light behind the model, but it is fairly easy to watch for it when doing a half shot like this.


Speedlight in converted parabolic as key light. One sheet of white tissue paper wrapped over the front. Back light is aimed at the background and is about 15" away from the backdrop. This gives a natural fall off. It is in a DIY beauty dish. Key light is 1/16 and backlight is 1/32 and the f-stop is 2.8 at ISO 200. 2.8 with strobes... ahhhhh...


I think I like the small strobes more for their ability to give me a wink of light than the portability. I am working on creating light modifications that give me more of a studio look. This image has a definite studio lighting look to it, but was lit with two speedlights in modifiers. You can see the modifications at - go to the January section.

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Taken on January 14, 2008