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Print Dress (Fashion Portfolio) Version 1 | by Don Giannatti (aka wizwow)
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Print Dress (Fashion Portfolio) Version 1

Sunlight and strobe. I had the model turning away from the sun which is coming a little obliquely from camera right. (See the light on the trees for direction. I completely wiped the shadows with the strobe from camera left. that is to say, I matched as closely as I could the strength of the sun. This was very bright and the strobe was set to 1/2 power and only slightly out of frame. Damn long recycle times kill me. I am so used to quickly catching the moment... and telling a relatively inexperienced model to 'hold that' while the freakin' thing is recycling... sheesh.


Anyway it is simply one strobe zoomed out for a tighter 'throw' and handheld by Patrick, a previous workshop attendee who graciously came along to assist.


I actually shot some 4x5 on this shoot. Processing to see if they came out as good as they looked. I lost the 4Gig card and will have to see if it is recoverable. Camera can't see it and the computer can't see it. Damn... 120 or so good images on it and it is brand new. Hoping the 8 sheets of 4x5 bring me something.


Photoshop. Yes.

Dang... I just noticed I uploaded the wrong image. This one has a little dark line by the palm tree... I have fixed it... if it isn't there, I have already exchanged it.

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Taken on December 8, 2007