Flying: Briana on the beach: California

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Of course when you have a dancer who can jump you use her to do the obligatory jumping on the beach shot. And if you can get a seagull in the shot... as well as some setting sun brushing the top of a wave... wellll... all the better. This was a difficult thing that I asked her to do: Jump and throw the hair at the same time. She is an incredible model.

Two strobes on stands. One to the left of me and one on the right. The right strobe (fill) is 1 stop less than the main strobe on the left. It is quite close to me - about a foot to the right. The main light is quite a bit to the left, coming straight onto her and it is 1/2 stop less than the sun. So sun exposure is 1/2 stop over the main strobe, and 1.5 over the fill strobe. I shot at the main strobe setting.

I have her at a precise point (seaweed marks the spot) so I am not worried about the strobes being too bright or dark. She jumps in the same spot. I see a lot of these kinds of shots where the strobe looks so manipulated, or overly bright and course. I want the light I add to look as natural as possible. Finessing the light can go a long way toward making a shot like this look natural. I like the little things it does, like the highlight on her right thigh from the fill strobe, and the subtle highlight down her calf. It lets the shadow and highlight work together to create dimension instead of just blowing it out with the strobe. There's a time for that look, but this time I went for subtle.

Minimal Photoshop.

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  1. annikaleigh ages ago | reply beautiful the shot and the sea....


  2. QGuilloryPhotoArt ages ago | reply

    when i saw this shot.. my mind went to that old 1980's show "FAME" very ballerina...LOL... great shot

  3. Wizard Snaps ages ago | reply

    Exciting shot!

  4. dcumminsusa ages ago | reply

    WizWow, I'm sooo going to have to attend one of your workshops... this is awesome.

    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

  5. Jeff Clow ages ago | reply

    This is really of the finest action and portrait images I've seen in several weeks.


  6. canon_stu ages ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Portrait And Artistic Photography, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

  7. Gerald Davison ages ago | reply

    Superb - great capture.

  8. venemovil ages ago | reply

    very professional

  9. Phoenix Han ages ago | reply

    Amazing shot.. great moment..

  10. bored@work ages ago | reply

    Great fun shot - love the uninterested gull in the background.

  11. Antoine Chaze [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Her pose is great, and you did a great job with your strobes. Light looks very natural. However, I think the shot is taken too high, her jump seems to be short.
    Again, great shot, her move is really impressive.
    -- (?)

  12. Kalak of Tyr ages ago | reply

    Nice equilibrium of natural and artificial light.
    The model is beautifoul as always.

  13. outaluck [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Very nice lighting, I never would have known artificial light was in this shot until you mentioned it. Briana is so talented, and it looks as if she hardly broke a sweat trying this move. -James

  14. ronnopiano ages ago | reply

    You are da man!

    Wonderful work..........

  15. Paul Cardin (Never Was An Arrow II) ages ago | reply

    nice. great action capture ~

  16. Harry Phạm ages ago | reply

    terrific shot

  17. JoeRotton 107 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Best Bikinis, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  18. Gerald Moncrief 93 months ago | reply

    Just shaking my head, I am really enjoying your stream.

  19. newspaper_guy Mike Orazzi 92 months ago | reply

    This one turned out pretty well.

  20. Max Hendel 60 months ago | reply

    <small Fabulous portrait !!!


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