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Mathias with 12 MagicShifter :) | by wizard23
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Mathias with 12 MagicShifter :)

Thanks to the generous financial support of AWS (Austria Wirtschaftsservice we were able to hire Mathias (who was before building Tesla Coils at Metalab where I met him;) to help us with the low level assembly and C coding of the MagicShifterOS

check out the newest revisions at:

(if more than 23 people beg me to switch to github I will but personally I don't like the github monopoly (don't get me wrong git is an awesome too so thanx Linus (the OS is cool but it still suxxx it could me soooo much betta, lol just kidding it's awesome anyway;)


Enjoy the Source Code (If you find bugs please report them in bitbucket) and print out your own MagicShifter case in ANY color you like :)



from KybKreis 17 ;)

the newest and finest hackerspace in Vienna




:: Philipp Tiefenbacher

:: open source hardware/magic




Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

--Arthur C. Clarke


PPS: a personal note that I attach too ALL the emails I sent nowadays:

Grant Snowden Asylum! NOW!

Ok I'm a realist. Austria probably would not do it. Germany? Maybe, but I'm not sure? Maybe the US? lets see it is an interesting development. But back to the focus. I don't expect ANY EU country to do it but I expect it from the EU because it is supposed to stand 4 democracy (most europeans want to see a happy lolcat snwoden), freedom (well I expect freedom for snowden! nothing less.), liberty to travel around in the EU and explore all these amazing countries so close together that are very different but share some common culter like GNU, LInux, Firefox, Metalab, Friends, Family, etc...

I dont really think the "thing" that connects the EU is religgion. Our Senior C++ architect (also funded by AWS, yay!) is a deep believer in the Muslim faith. And I dont have the feeling that he wants to blow up anything (ok once he set a tent on fire but I think it was an accident I think)...ok I'm getting paranoid I need sleep. I had my birthdayparty today and I did not sleep for moar than 20hour ;))

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Taken on June 4, 2014