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From Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun’s papers, Justice Potter Stewart passed a note to Blackmun that read, “V.P. Agnew just resigned!!.” Since there was an important ballgame under the way and Justice Stewart was a Reds fan, the note included “Mets 2, Reds 0"


My father was a clerk for Justice Stewart at the time - he was the one who wrote this note, and it was recently discovered and now in the National Archives.

  • Jennifer Ettinger and Max Weder 8y

    Great note! If I'm not mistaken, I read about this note in Brad Snyder's recent bio on Curt Flood, A Well Paid Slave
  • Blue387 5y

  • coopste3 4y

    Now for the rest of the story:
    My brother was the unfortunate lawyer to have been presenting his case before the court at the moment that this note was passed not only from Stewart to Blackmun, but like the kid;s game of secret: from one judge to the other.

    In the midst of his presentation everybody just stopped paying attention and began whispering back and forth. At the supreme court you have 30 minutes to present your case and the last 15 minutes of his was without an audience.
  • StevenHerbert 3y

    What was the case? What was the ruling?
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