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"Set new social and environmental standards for 21st century eco tourism."


"Build cultural awareness about Himachal Pradesh through sustainable tourism in the Himalayas of India."

Himachal Cultural Village is a proposed eco-friendly mixed-use community, providing arrangments for ski slopes and other mountain sports facilities in the Himalayan region. The Project, developed by Himalayan Cultural Village PLC involves development of hospitality, vacation homes and entertainment facilities of a world class standard in the hilly terrains of the Kullu Valley. This development will be the first fully integrated home stay resort destination to be built by the kullu villagers in Himalayas of India since the British colonial powers built their 'hill stations', which remain enormously popular throughout the subcontinent. HCV will provide an international quality cultural experience to holidaying Indians & tourists from around the world.

The Project will be developed at the Northern end of the Kullu Valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh, with the various outdoor acilities located at heights between 7,500 and 14,000 feet above sea level. The Project targets the domestic tourists of India, as well as international visitors from the U.S., Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

The Project involves the development of tribal rooms, restaurants along with an 'Indian Village' shopping experience with Hot-Air Ballooning, Paragliding, River Rafting, Mountaineering, Yak-skiing, Camping, Star gazing, Cultural Museum,Photo Exhibitions, Local and Leh Laddakh Lahaul Spiti Kaza Keylong Motor Tours & Trekking, Wildlife Safaris, Rock Climbing, Mountain Cycling, Tree climbing, Ice Climbing,Great Himalayan National Park Trips, Astrology Classes, Fishing, Ayurvedic Treatments, Meditation, Yoga and Spa facilities and an entertainment/ performing arts center.There are many others activities which we may not be able to list here at this time but soon you will be able to see all of them when the project comes live in coming few years.

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A eco-friendly project encouraging HP Government scheme, "Home Stay Yojana".


A poject giving insight of cultural heritage of Himachal Pradesh by Serious Photographer Sundeep Bhardwaj with experiences around the world sundeepkullu.weebly.com , wittysam.shutterfly.com Visit official site himachalculturalvillage.com

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