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Money & War | by withayou
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Money & War

The subtitle for this is "Killing as Many Birds with One Stone as Possible" and the best day for a project like this is when you're trapped inside due to New England-style weather.


The first "bird" to kill is that I've been meaning to do some designing JUST for me. It's been a while and with work being work it's sometimes hard to be completely satisfied making car ads. The second mission was to fill the one remaining blank wall in my living room with something. Finally, I've been telling myself for a while that I should make my own typeface. Now, I usually do a lot of hand-done type in my posters, but I wanted to make something that was much more elaborate and maybe a bit ridiculous.


And then earlier this afternoon while listening to some Woody Guthrie songs it all came together.


To begin with, the typeface was created in Illustrator point by point in perspective and is one of those things I'll probably never do again (ever). It's got a very low center point which makes it stocky and the lowercase E's and G's hanging out with the rest of the capital characters kinda makes it a little less tough. I like the Y's and the R's the best. All of the coloring and halftoning was done once in Photoshop (to really bask in the OCD type glory see the detail image below).


And since it's the holidays and since Woody was never much for copyright laws I'm putting up a very high resolution version of this (34" x 24" at 300dpi) and giving it a Creative Commons' Attribution Non-Commercial license. So print it out if you want. Print a whole lot of them if it moves you. In my case, I'll be placing each half into its own frame for hanging.

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Taken on December 17, 2007