Free Range 2008
Format Follows Function

Assorted graduate cards
From Free Range 2008

This set was created on the first night of the 2009 Free Range graduate art and design shows around London's Brick Lane, and features as many business cards as we could collect from the 2008 shows.

The point of such a task was threefold...

1. Free Range has been running since 2001 and the website makes a valiant effort to document each years exhibitors. Consisting mostly of long lists of names however, we've always felt a more valid / visual document should exists.

This set is the beginnings of such an attempt. A candid slice of one years worth of graduating talent. Like a sedimentary layer in rock.

2. Although we're a digital agency, we love things that are real. In fact our position on the internet is that it's all about the real world. Tweeting, Flickr-ing, social networking etc. may all happen online, but they are manifestations of things that real people do in the real world. The power of the internet in our eyes is to facilitate and document the real world.

To this end, this set is about that hanger-on of the print era: the business card. While some digital gurus wish for it's demise, we hope it's around forever and pledge to collect and share for as long as we can.

3. Formats are not restrictions. Formats make life fun! OK, not all formats are fun, but everything in life is a format of sorts, and when people get creative and do new things within old restrictions, that's when you know it's on!

Breaking boundaries is easy. Being unique and innovative within them is innovation.

The business card then, which by our definition and for the purpose of this exercise, is a piece of card about 85×54mm or smaller, is surely the most appropriate format on which to creatively celebrate and document the passing of student to professional.

85×54mm then. Two sides. All the colours of the visible spectrum. Must be able to fit into a wallet. Good luck 2009. Hope you're all doing well 2008.

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