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50.365. The way we met.

Christopher and I.

We're blues dancing to 'Grounds for Divorce' by Elbow. Blues dance is improvised, so this is NOT choreographed or planned out in advance. I've always described it as a combination of tango, swing, and grinding. It's really not any of those things, but it's own individual dance form. Whatever it is, it's hot stuff. Especially when you're dancing with Christopher!


Sorry the sound quality is so bad. I was gonna dub over it with the original track, but my video editing software decided to be totally wonky today and it wasn't working...and I'm impatient. So you'll just have to deal.

You can see the FULL LENGTH video here:


The story starts last November. I had a friend who was president of the tango club at my high-school. He was always trying to get me to come and check it out - attend a lesson - learn how to dance. I was almost always busy, so I'd been putting it off...but eventually I went. I fell so in love that I agreed to go to the Tango Center downtown on a Tuesday night to learn more.




At my very first bailonga (a tango dance with alternative music), there was a lesson beforehand. The teacher was going over leg wraps. There weren't enough partners to go around, so the teacher called over to the dj to come dance with me. Christopher was the dj. He was wearing this reddish-orange leather jacket, and he smiled at me, and then instantly paid no more attention to me WHATSOEVER. He doesn't even remember this. He led me around and around and around the floor - leg wrap after leg wrap after leg wrap. I was totally intimidated. I could hardly even breathe, let alone dance. Finally, it was over. We still hadn't said a single word to each other.




The same friend who had gotten me into tango suggested that I try out blues-dancing. I was curious, so I went. Blues-dancing was at a much more intimate venue. A smaller group of people, dimmer lights, more exciting music. I was thrilled.


The night went on, and finally - Christopher looked at me. He nodded his head at the dance floor and I speechlessly got up and followed him onto the floor. 'Grounds For Divorce' started playing.


We danced a whole song, and afterward, I asked him what song had been playing. I was flirting and I KNEW it. So did he. We both blushed.




It wasn't until months later that we started dating, but I'll always associate that song with him. And this kind of dancing. <3

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Taken on May 4, 2010