Day 169 of 365 - Year 2

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So. This self portrait of mine went viral and it kind of felt like everyone in the world had an opinion they wanted to share...on other sites...where they thought I couldn't find them. Meanwhile, I've never gotten so much fan mail in my inbox before, so this was an interesting day.

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  1. ♥ Vanessa ♥ 48 months ago

    You are so cute. =)

  2. wisely-chosen 48 months ago

    I am overwhelmed.

  3. Sweet~Vanilla 48 months ago

    Yay for fan mail !!

  4. iggy_sodashell 48 months ago

    That just shows you are the queen of Rainbow hair. People seem to either worship you or they hate you but no one seems to be indifferent. Not that I worship you but I am an awe of your talent.

  5. HananatheBanana 48 months ago

    I love how soft your hair looks. My hair has sections bleached and they're currently blue and purple. Unfortunately my hair is not soft at all... A little dry and crisp in fact... I've followed on here for a while. I love your hair so much and I'm jealous!

  6. Atomic Blue 48 months ago

    Your pictures always make me smile.

  7. SaylaMarz 48 months ago

    I love this photo of you.

    I feel like I've given up the fight on my photos....they just inevitably get around....I guess it's nice to think one random person can reach out to so many people out there.

  8. shewearscrazywell 48 months ago

    I love it! You look magnificent in this photo! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  9. vick28658 48 months ago

    Beautiful pic!

  10. lamondica 48 months ago


  11. Megan is me... 47 months ago

    OMG!! That happened to me with this photo a while ago. Its funny too what people are saying about you when they think you're not looking... That's the magic of Flickr stats! 8D I actually saw that photo of yours on tumblr the other day and I was like, "hey that's Melanie!" ^_^

  12. mar!en 47 months ago

    lovely lady! you are beautiful honey!

  13. yAzZiE-lAnDiA 35 months ago

    i think this is awesome! ur so bold! ^__^ keep it up

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