Rainbow Jell-O Cube

I finally made rainbow jello. Have I mentioned that I don't like jello? Yeah. The glossy, translucent colors have always appealed to me, but not the flavor or texture...or the fact that it sort of quivers for no reason. Turns out I still find eating it to be a disappointment, even when it's rainbow. This is one thing that definitely needs alcohol in it to boost its appeal. It could also use some gummi bears.

  • jσѕєρнíиє 5y

    vodka would probably make it better.
  • ♥ Vanessa ♥ 5y

    Gummi bears in jello! That would be cute.
    I don't like jello either. I remember school lunch jello with fruit in it, and sometimes carrots. Yuck.
  • ~ Carly ~ 5y

    My husband is the same way with jello......he just thinks it is wrong =)
    Me, on the other hand, LOVE the stuff!!
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