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Rainbow Vagina Cupcakes!!

My first attempt at both fondant and vagina cupcakes. I'd heard fondant was intimidatingly difficult to work with, so I never tried it. But I really wanted a smooth, glossy frosting for this, so I made fondant myself and it was easy :) I used this recipe, fucked up, fixed it and it still turned out the way I wanted!


Each of these vaginas are unique. I'd looked for vagina cake and candy molds and was disappointed to see that they didn't look realistic at all, unlike penis molds. Really, if Barbie had a vagina, it would look like the candy molds I saw :( So I decided to shape each vagina by hand. I chose happy rainbow colors. Each is a one of a kind size and shape. One of them is on her period, one is elderly, one has razor stubble, one has a little pube regrowth, two are waxed smooth but have slightly different skin tone (one being more yellow) you get the idea ;)


My husband was so disturbed by this that he wouldn't even go in the kitchen. When he saw what I was making he said something about them being too realistic and he averted his eyes. I tried to shove them in his face and he scurried back into his office. If I hadn't been saving them for photos I would've licked one just to see if I could bring on a nervous breakdown in my spouse.


I wanted to invite darkspark over to meet the chins, but then I remembered I was planning on making vagina cupcakes and thought maybe that would be weird. "Come over and meet my self-fellating chinchillas, then we'll make vagina cupcakes!"


It's either that or making kitty wigs (enter pussy joke here). I understand that some people have socially acceptable hobbies, but I don't. I only get worse with age, too.




Hey! Look at this! Someone actually did the right thing and asked my permission first! You know what their reward is? Unlimited access to this image. You know what their punishment would've been if they had used any of my work without permission? Getting their blog deleted. The days of me going to the blogger first are officially over.

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Taken on September 12, 2009