Short Attention Span

Here's a good example of how high-energy-scattered I am in real life: My husband and I were moving, had been cleaning, packing, moving heavy objects, unpacking all day, for several days. Worn out, right? Well, yeah....but....we walk into a store looking for pillows for Beebs (that's the mission ---- pillows for the pug) and I immediately spot industrial sized jugs of Hawaiian Punch and I'm swerving in their direction, mesmerized.


It went like this:

Husband, "What do we need?"

Me, "More of those pillows for Bebe's bed. They're over-ohhhhhh look, Hawaiian Punch! Those are the biggest fucking bottles I've ever seen..."


Me, "Oh, right. Pillows. Beebs," in the sad tone of voice that a child has when you tell them they can't have the industrial sized bottles of pure sugar.


Before you feel sorry for me you should know that we go through this every single time we go out anywhere. My husband doesn't usually have to remind me to focus, he'll just buy whatever it is that's magnetically drawn my attention (pickle flavored potato chips, anyone? Seriously. How could you see that and not buy it along with Fried ice cream --- that's right, Fried ice cream. Even the cashier was perplexed by that combination) but we were on a tight schedule that day because we were in the process of moving.


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Taken on August 22, 2009