December Game at SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills
The December Game is Wise Guys Events's newest invention: a game to be played at your office or family holiday party. It's the game where it's better to give than to receive. Each gift has a tag on it with a certain description of whom to deliver it to: someone who rides a bicycle, someone who has been to 4 continents, etc. Guests mix and mingle until they find someone at the party who fits the description and give that guest the gift. Inside each gift is... another gift, with another tag on it, so the boxes are passed around all night getting smaller and smaller, and the person who receives one of the very smallest boxes wins a grand prize... if you can perform a stunt. Everyone who delivers a gift wins a prize, and guests will have a great time interacting, especially because none of them had to buy or wrap any of their own rotten freaking Secret Santa gifts. Instead, they played The December Game. And you can too! Visit
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