2011 National Forum on Character Education
OCT. 19-22
San Francisco

Ralph Singh, presented "Stories to Light Our Way," at the 2011 National Forum on Character Education, with two of the foremost experts, Dr. Charles Haynes of the First Amendment Center and Dr. Thomas Lickona, of the Center for the 4th and 5th R. Charles is the foremost authority on the establishment clause and has literally written the book (and pamphlets) that are distributed to every school in the country which provide clear guidelines for what we can and cannot teach about religion.

In his introduction, Charles praised the approach as novel and creative and sees that it has opened the door for other approaches. His endorsement reads: "The Wisdom Thinkers Network approach to story-telling is an educationally and constitutionally sound way for public schools to build good character and encourage cross-cultural understanding."

Tom Lickona, who is widely considered the father of character education in this country, further underscored the positive contribution of Ralph's work by placing it squarely within what he calls "A Spiritual Person Engaged in Crafting a Life of Noble Purpose," from his landmark national study Smart & Good High Schools.

The session entitled, "Nurturing Ideal Citizens of the State of Virtue: Using Wisdom Stories to Lay Foundations," fit perfectly with
the conference theme of “Building Ethical Communities.” In describing their position, the CEP wrote, "Effective
character education requires active engagement with families
and community members. When this happens, parents and
other key constituents became partners in the character
development of students."
By using traditional stories in school we are able to re-establish the link between values taught at home and see them reflected in communities.
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