13th FFP - Apatico
APATICO is a fashion line by artist & designer Megan Bishop (MCAD BFA, Illustration, 2006). After years of fancy millinery work, Apatico branched out into harnesses and accessories using PVC and leather. Each piece is designed and made by hand in her Seattle studio with an emphasis on great design, unique materials, attention to detail, and fit. Taking inspiration from fetish fashion, dark fantasy, clubkids, goth and punk styles, each piece makes a strong statement and becomes a transformative focal point for any outfit. Megan has recently been featured in magazine spreads from Marie Clair, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle Canada, Teen Vogue, Auxiliary and more.

Collection Description: The Spring/Summer 2017 collection pulls together visual inspiration from overgrown abandoned gardens, Greek mythology and ornate embellishment focusing on flora & fauna. Sheer, flowing, impractical gowns layer over comfortable knit pieces. Entitled “The Courtyard”, it is daydreaming bordering on escapism, the feeling of drowning in nostalgia, the horrors of the world and everyday life camouflaged by beauty.
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