13th FFP - Otherrealm
Lucie Biros is a designer and artist based in Minneapolis. She enjoys the synthesis of the subversive, the surreal, and the superbly practical. In her elusive spare time, she enjoys participating in the Twin Cities arts and fashion communities, reading omnivorously, and nerding out about design, art, and literature. She'd like to thank Anhedonie for collaborating.
Collection Description: A planet with no sun: the blinding white earth itself gives light and heat. Three continents, two are massive deserts, shifting to scarlet ice at the caps. The atmosphere absorbs every color of light, turning the sky black, ringed with white light at the horizons, where the earth meets the void.

The deserts are covered with shallow mines: the different layers of sand beneath the surface yield the raw material for the black metal and crystal glass, to be turned into clean, sharp-edged halls and houses. The record-keepers, educators, and silent priestesses glide through the halls in long robes and skirts, dyed the three colors of their stark and beautiful world.
The planet’s equator has a belt of islands, richly tropical, each ecosystem full of versatile vegetation, all different shades of scarlet, black and white flowers standing out starkly against the leaves. This is where the gatherers work, tending each island like a giant garden, filling the silent ships with living things and sending them back to the deserts. They dress lightly for work in a hot, humid environment: covered in mesh to keep the insects out.

Freight drivers and miners boast how long they make one set of clothing last: altered and mended and full of pockets, belts with a place for every tool. Body paint reflects the white light back to the earth, keeps it from burning the people who spend their lives exploring it, knowing the infinite possibilities under its monochrome surface.

Visitors from other worlds are few, and they all give it a nickname: Tri-Color World, Blood Planet, Nevergreen….. The inhabitants have their own name for it, but no stranger ever hears it.
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