13th FFP - Salem's Scissors
Sabrina Spörk is a native Argentinian from Buenos Aires. She has aspired to become an apparel designer ever since she became much endeared with her mother’s costume business. Sabrina is energetic and some would say childish, but she treasures all the little things through life and always finds the brighter side. She’s grateful for all the opportunities she’s had in the past 6 years in the United States. Special thanks to Susana, Carlos, Irina & Sebastian – her family back at home – and her significant other Joe for all the care and support. She is currently chasing the dream of becoming the best business owner she can be and is returning to college for a Business Management A.S.

"Salem's Scissors designs are for those who want to wear all the color, prints, textures that one loves while being comfortable and without forgetting the looking good part of it. It's out here to persuade those who always wanted to stand out to go for it because YOU love it."

Collection Description: All flora and fauna live in peace out in the wild, and we humans are always to forget about the smaller things in life. Insects and poisonous plants are among the most feared in the rainforest – that is only counting the smaller beings. Here we are peeking through a magnifying glass into the harmony that such miniature beings live within.
Salem’s Scissors presents Miniatura, an all-new 2017 lingerie & lounge wear collection.

Miniatura finds the natural sensuality and flow of the miniature rainforest world, combining organic colors and shapes inspired from poisonous mushrooms and common insects such as butterflies, bees, and dragonflies.

It’s true to the women’s natural shape adding flare, movement and mystery through sheer fabrics, and soft velvets. Intimate, bright and filled with youthfulness, this line encourages you to enjoy those little things in life by becoming a smaller being and taking shape of these flora and fauna characters.
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