13th FFP - Runway
SGMS/MECHADEMIA CONFERENCE ON ASIAN POPULAR CULTURES is an academic conference dedicated to the understanding of manga and anime, which communicates with and presents the work of anime/manga artists, authors, publishers, and academics. SGMS’ audience is a diverse combination of anime and manga students, academics, and industry professionals.

SGMS devotes the 3rd day of the conference (Sunday, September 25, 2016) to the exploration of connections between fashion/lifestyle and/or costume and anime and/or manga. A significant part of this evening is the runway fashion show— Full Fashion Panic! The mission of this fashion show is to visually explore the connections between anime/manga/pop culture and fashion and introduce alternative, indie and up and coming designers to the community and fashion industry. This is a showcase of street fashion capsule collections inspired by Japanese street styles.

This year for the first time, we'll be incorporating the theme of the conference into the show. Each designer was asked to take the theme "World-Building" and dress a world they created.
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