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Home Office Desk - Fall 2009 - 01 | by WintrHawk
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Home Office Desk - Fall 2009 - 01

So I finally got around to taking a few pictures of my new office setup. I actually rearranged my office back in July. I also took the opportunity to tech-refresh some of my systems and infrastructure and have rebuilt some of my stuff onto new machines. One of these was my main desktop machine (Espresso). I have moved it off the old Sun UltraSPARCstation2/2300 to the "new" Sun SunFire v440. All new hardware and it took me a little while to do it because I was so busy with other stuff...


For a long time, it sat cluttering up my desk until I rearranged everything. You can see what it looked like while I was still staging it before the cleanup...


Unfortunately, not everything in my office is tidy. I have a lot of junk crammed into my closet, including my test network.


I should have a had a mini-datacenter with raised floors and specific cooling put into the house when it was built. Oh well... next time.


Strobist Info: SB800 on top of bookshelf right bouncing off ceiling, SB600 propped on top of half-open closet door to the left bounced off ceiling, triggering by CLS/AWL

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Taken on November 12, 2009