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"Katamari Forever (Katamari Tribute)" (Client: Bandai Namco Games / Circa: 2008–2009) | by wintersmithen
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"Katamari Forever (Katamari Tribute)" (Client: Bandai Namco Games / Circa: 2008–2009)

Ah, that Hail Mary pass. Maybe you have to be a Catholic, or at least know football, to qualify. In infidel, non-athletic context, of course, it's known as "unsolicited outsider proposals". In hard copy form, they're known as "recyclables"; as e-mail attachments, they're not even accorded that level of reality.


A year later, I got a call about the fifth Katamari. I thought I saw something that could be a faint echo of one of my proposal items in there, but nothing substantial enough to care either way.


I've worked on 5 Katamari titles in as many years, aware each time that my involvement in the franchise is completely unorthodox in every way. Game makers do not routinely hire a writer, and certainly not for localization. My experience is that the bulk of the writing for video game titles is performed by people who are not writers by aptitude or training, and approved by those who are not editors by experience, preference or even job title. Yet, it would be unthinkable within these same companies to trust other major elements of the game, like sound design or maps, to someone who had not been repeatedly vetted for the job.


I've been treated well by Bandai Namco, and the Katamari franchise. KD was the only game I worked on that made any real demands on my skills, and I care about the series in a way I never have for any other game property. I grieve over the fact that it's never ventured beyond what amounts to a series of ports, and improbable thought it may be, I still hold out some hope that something will change.


"Katamari Damacy"™, "Katamari Forever (Katamari Tribute)"™ as well as their characters and images are the property of Namco Bandai Holdings Inc. This low-resolution image is solely used to identify the game in question. No free equivalent of this image exists. This image does not allow users to make illegal copies of the software, and does not diminish the copyright holder NBHI's ability to market the software.

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Taken on January 14, 2010