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"D2" (Client: Sega & WARP / Agency: INTAC / Circa: 2000) | by wintersmithen
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"D2" (Client: Sega & WARP / Agency: INTAC / Circa: 2000)

Sample: Opening scene


I personally find survival horror to be... icky. Face it, it's really an indiscriminate FPS played while mentally shrieking "Eeeeeeewwww!!" Nothing but the old 'cooties' fear paired with fight instead of flight instinct. If I want to be grossed out, I'll just stare at the guy in Starbucks (there's always one, usually in the nice plush armchair) picking his nose. I am happy to say that at least storywise, D2 is about as icky as it gets. It steals from all the—and I mean every single—recent horror sources.


In survival horror, everyone but you and the little kid Is a random redshirt. Especially if they happen to be black — see how well the Americans have taught us after World War II. So don't get attached to anyone in D2, like the depressive best-friend chick or the sensitive-yet-strong scientist guy. She has intimacy issues, and in the horror genre, those are best solved by sacrificing your life to save others. And strong, sensitive men who don't fall for the heroine have zero chance of surviving. If you grow fond of either of them, your heart will be broken. Then again, there's very little character development so unless you're a complete tearjerk 'ho, that's not a possibility. I translated the lot of them, and I can't even remember their names.


In fact, I can't remember much except that it was a very, very bad script.


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Taken on December 3, 2009