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"Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel" (Client: Konami / Agency: INTAC / Circa: 2000-2001) | by wintersmithen
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"Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel" (Client: Konami / Agency: INTAC / Circa: 2000-2001)

Sample: IdeaSpy 2.5 Codec Entertainment Program


MGS:GB is a Nintendo Game Boy Color title that falls somewhere between MGS and MGS2 on the timeline, but in an alternate universe. It remains my favorite game project by the virtue of the radio drama ("Codec Entertainment Program") that was conceived as a bonus feature. I've never been able to establish why this excellent faux-60's parody didn't garner more attention. It's easily the only decent piece of writing in the Metal Gear franchise.


Forget government-disavowed ex-commandos: Novelty inventions are the real enemy. Clearly and mercifully, somebody on the MGS writing team got their hands on a decent indica while this one was being written. The main storyline is more-o'-the-same, but the "IdeaSpy 2.5" serial radio program that can be tuned into for Snake's sneaking pleasure is actually funny and provided hours of pastiche-making fun for this translator. The adventures of Agent Two-point-five and his heroic crusade against J.E. Inc., "The Catalog of Conspiracies" is one localization job I will never disavow, mostly because no one at the client end bothered to mess too much with my final draft for a change.


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Taken on December 3, 2009