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This Collection is divided into Sets which in turn are divided alphabetically into groups of names.

If you are interested in a particular person look also in Winster People Collection to see if there is a Set devoted to an individual surname or even a Set devoted to a particular person.

The notes which accompany many of the images were written by me but the data was chiefly taken from the work done by Dawn Scotting which you can find on Winster -Ancestry Web site. Accordingly, I acknowledge the invaluable work done by Dawn in marshalling this data and making it available free online. It has been of immense assistance to me and no doubt to Winster's many family historians. In many cases the notes also include data from my own research. Any errors on this site are mine. The notes may not be accurate - they are meant to be of interest and of asssistance to your enjoyment of the images and to help you if you are tracing your own family history. If you are a novice (or an expert for that matter) in this field you should check your own original sources.

This Collection was complete to September 2009. I will add later memorials as I am able to photograph them.

I know too that there are memorials in the Wesleyan and Methodist Chapels, and also a special one in the Bowling Green which will get the Flickr treatment in due course assuming I get permission to take some photographs.

In the meantime, enjoy some memories of the Winster people commemorated here.

Last updated 9th October 2011

Michael Greatorex