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Favorite Flickr People: Rosie Hardy and Aaron Nace

From now on I'll be posting about people on flickr you just can't miss and must MUST visit their photostreams. These are people who inspire me and basically leave me spellbound with their work. I'll be doing this every now and then focusing on one person at a time.


Alright, I know I said it would be one person at a time. But I can't possibly talk about one without thinking about the other. So the sixth and seventh people I am posting about are the incredibly cute and talented couple: Rosie Hardy and Aaron Nace. I think this is pretty much a given on the list. I doubt there is many people who have spent some time on Flickr who don't know who they are. I do believe many of us have been inspired by their work, their creativity and why not, their love story as well! Their images pretty much speak for themselves about their dedication, imagination and love. I don't think I've ever cheered so much for any given couple as much as I do for this one. :P I'm a fan. I dont know what more I could say but this, you must MUST visit their photostreams! :D


1. cold hands, 2. spring is coming, 3. Romance Isn't Dead, 4. here with you, 5. Untitled, 6. This is heaven, 7. The Return Home, 8. It's raining here without you, 9. Life passes me by


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Taken on February 23, 2009