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For Bertha

apparently this color of lippie and gloss is hard to capture, but this is pretty close.


this is YSL rouge volupte in color 11 and YSL golden gloss in color 47. the gloss is pretty freaking amazing and totally changes the look of the lippie. i'm completely obsessed with all bright fushcia lip, subtle rest of face looks right now.


the only down side is i feel like it makes my teeth look dull and yellow so that's resulted in my buying a fancy pants teeth whitening kit. so yeah, what could have been a $14 lipstick purchase from MAC resulted in them being out of the color i wanted, walking over to the YSL counter, picking out the perfect lippie, sales lady FORCING me to try on the gloss over it, purchasing both, then deciding i need to whiten my teeth. whatevs, i stopped my crazy makeup insanity buying years ago so i'm not feeling so guilty about it.

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Taken on March 23, 2012