YIP: 02.12.09 - Did you know?!

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    I was watching crazy Ed Begley Jr on his HGTV show and his wife was telling this woman that you have to take the lid off of water bottles before recycling. If you don't, they won't recycle them!! I don't really drink much bottled water or coke, but there are times when I do and I never knew to take off the lid. That upsets me because I've recycled so many bottles throughout my life and they probably ended up in some landfill.

    The lids are recyclable, but you have to take them off because they are different types of plastic. The machines that are used to compress the bottles don't always work with the lids on.

    Maybe I'm late to the game, but still thought I'd pass it on to anyone that doesn't know.

    Also, I love my new lens very very much.


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    1. Nettie C. 74 months ago | reply

      I didn't know this and I worked at a place where answering this type of question was one of my responsibilities ;(

      WTF, city of NY?

      Also, I love this shot ;D

    2. LipglossJunkie 74 months ago | reply

      I feel smug for knowing that but perhaps ashamed that I haven't passed on the info cause I thought everyone knew that.

      Same goes for glass jars or pretty much anything with a lid.

      (Worst thing is that they don't have bottle deposit here so no one is terribly inclined to recycle.)

    3. SassyLeo 74 months ago | reply

      it's the same up here. i watched an infuriating news piece about recycling here and about how much actually still ends up in landfill, not because of technology but because of policy. some districts will recycle some things while others won't, for no reason other than 'it's not on their list yet'. wtf? i feel so powerless!

    4. TheBon 74 months ago | reply

      That's the way it was when I lived in North Dakota. No deposit and really hard to find any recycling. Made me crazy to have to throw bottles away.

    5. meg's my name 74 months ago | reply

      if you mean turn back in for $$, no texas doesn't have that.

      no, i'm sure there are people out there that already knew. i knew about glass jars and bottles, but not plastic. just didn't think about the plastics being different or the compressor not working if the lid was left on.

      glad i'm able to spread the word to those that didn't know!

    6. berthacrowley 74 months ago | reply

      I had no idea either. I also love your new lens.

    7. S. J. Pajonas (spajonas) 74 months ago | reply

      oh god, thanks for posting this! you have no idea how many bottles i've recycled with the lids on :( our recycling goes out tomorrow so i'm going through it tonight before it hits the curb.

    8. bestitched 74 months ago | reply

      I didn't know that. What the heck?

    9. catseatsocks 74 months ago | reply

      Yes, I did know that!

    10. HappilyKnit 74 months ago | reply

      I don't remember where I heard that, but it does seem awfully silly doesn't it?!

    11. No Knit Sherlock! 74 months ago | reply

      I have never, ever taken the caps off the bottles I recycle AND was never, ever told this at the recycling center.

      Thanks for posting this Meg, I will remove all caps from now on!

    12. knittinging 74 months ago | reply

      Yes! I knew that! Hubby is a recycling addict.

    13. sao.mai 74 months ago | reply

      seriously, that's just annoying. i think i need this lens as well.

    14. bookgrl 74 months ago | reply

      I did know that! And now I feel like I should have shared! Awesome action shot! Wow! I use a lot of exclamation points!

    15. MiniLaura 74 months ago | reply

      I knew that because up until a few months ago, Houston would not recycle the lids of bottles. Weird, right? Houston's recycling program was super limited for a long time.

      Also--What's the new lens!? I'm dying here.

    16. splityarn 74 months ago | reply

      Since Mel knew too, I'm guessing Vancouver was good in their education about that. And Ed Begley Jr is a bit of a nutter, eh?

    17. yogineo 74 months ago | reply

      That really pisses me off

    18. RunnerGirl713 74 months ago | reply

      great shot, and i totally did not know that. thanks for the tip!

    19. mintyfreshflavor 74 months ago | reply

      i'm glad you mentioned this! i knew, but always kinda wondered if it was true.

    20. jenethebean 74 months ago | reply

      i did NOT know this and am glad to know now.

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