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GenCon Dice Haul #4

GenCon Dice Haul #4 Kitty wants to play with my GenCon dice haul GenCon Dice Haul #3 GenCon Dice Haul #2 GenCon Dice Haul #1

Can you have too many dice? I require further research and testing, but the early results of my experiment clearly say "no. No you can not have too many dice, especially when each die or set of dice you get comes with a story from the person who gave it to you, allowing you to make a personal connection that simply saying 'hello' doesn't accomplish."

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BrokenOphelia says:

That is a nice haul of dice. It is nice to see someone elses cat plays with dice although your cat bears a remarkable similarity to my cat. I wouldn't have given you my dice sadly as they are my lucky dice. I have only 2 sets (although my husbands dice numbers are close to that of your hauls and he claims it is for playing frag) and one set is a back up but the other is the first dice set I bought and whenever I play Mutants and Masterminds it always rolls a 20 when we are in dire straights. It also doesnt frag my players too much when I GM In Nomine. There is a legend among roll players around where I live though that if ever 3 or more RPers meet in the street and all have dice then the world will end for the game shall start...we have too many RPers in too small a town here XD

...Tome comment is a tome...sorry
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lundegaard says:

The first step in dealing with an addiction is admitting that you have a problem... but did you see the D20 at Thinkgeek that lights up when you roll a natural 20?! TEH AWESOME!

sigh... I have a problem...
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