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    Yesterday, while I was putting gas in my car, I thought. "Hey, I'll take a picture of my Reddit alien sticker and send it to Twitpic."

    While I was lining up the shot, I saw that if I held my phone just right, I was reflected in the alien's belly. This amused me, so I took this photo and shared it.

    FAQs: My cell is an HTC Incredible, which I haven't gotten up the courage to root, and the photo app I used is called Vignette. My car is a Mini Cooper.

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    1. davedehetre 52 months ago | reply

      looks like you're wearing a monocle.

      and now I have to go look up what a Reddit is.

      nice work!

    2. Invisible Cirkus 52 months ago | reply

      hey wil, nice seeing you recently on Big Bang... you really play douche so well.


    3. Brent Mooers Photography 52 months ago | reply

      Ditto to what "Invisible Cirkus" said, lol.

    4. Brent Mooers Photography 52 months ago | reply

      And nice job on this photo too, the framing is very cool.

    5. The Elder Dan 52 months ago | reply

      Your FAQ does not answer the very important question of which brand & sort of gas you were pumping!!!

      (Your reflection looks really borged out somehow, actually.)

    6. jvmphotos 52 months ago | reply

      I think you look a little terminator-like or maybe terminator-lite. Anyways cool pic,what brand of shades you sporting there?

    7. mbroooks 52 months ago | reply

      I am going to assume that your Mini Cooper is just slightly better than Patrick Stewart's Mini Cooper. ;-)

    8. Rocket_Jaz 52 months ago | reply

      I'm more curious about what's on your tee shirt.

    9. Larissa J Photography 52 months ago | reply

      heh. It's scary how creative phones can be with photography these days!

    10. mickyd2009 52 months ago | reply

      Very amusing! And how the hell did I miss you on Big Bang?

    11. chuckmoody 52 months ago | reply

      Love it @8^}

    12. patwill9 52 months ago | reply

      Very Sons of Anarchy meets Big Bang Theory.

    13. theducks 52 months ago | reply

      Don't you know you shouldn't use your phone while pumping gas! There's signs! and everything!


    14. Wil McQueen 52 months ago | reply

      I hope your Cooper isn't named Sheldon. ;)

    15. Anduril42 52 months ago | reply

      That .. is an awesomely cool photo.

    16. Patrick Teglia 51 months ago | reply

      Don't know why but my first impression was that was Terminator in his hotel room mirror (but with a Reddit around his head). Meh, weird first impression, but cool photo.

    17. whitlee0913 51 months ago | reply

      Ok, a little fame worship (guilty as charged!) Wil, you are a legend and I think you're incredibly talented. You + The Guild = perfection. Its crazy to me that 2 of my favorite sci-fi people are in the same show but I freakin' love it!!!

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