GenCon Dice Haul #1

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    1. AzyxA 55 months ago | reply

      <3 the Fiend Folio in the background there.

      Nice haul.

    2. Captn_Jack 55 months ago | reply

      Amazing collection

    3. grimoire42 55 months ago | reply

      Noticed the Fiend Folio too! :)

    4. A R Jardine 55 months ago | reply

      Dammit! Still didn't roll a 20!

    5. Raving Personas [deleted] 55 months ago | reply

      Me and my friend have had a lot of those!

    6. Murgatroid [deleted] 55 months ago | reply

      ohh man. instant nerd-gasm <3

    7. daradactyl 55 months ago | reply

      Oh. My. God.

    8. gerriet 55 months ago | reply

      Now would you please sort them into d4, d6, ... d20 and build a large one out of each collection?

    9. play4smee 55 months ago | reply

      *envious sigh*

    10. wussking 55 months ago | reply

      oh, oh geez...that is uh...that is indeed very nerdy...but a good way. Nice depth of field. You really should've sequestered all the evil dice, now their evil taint has spread to all the others! now you need a treasure chest to keep them in or a giant dice tube. How is True 20?

    11. konanut 55 months ago | reply

      There are some people who grouted coins into lovely floor treatments - I keep thinking choosing some of these of simiar thickness would do much the same. Only question - which side up?

    12. juliempg 55 months ago | reply

      This looks like a boobie trap set out for unsuspecting barefoot burglars. >_<

    13. John Mundy 55 months ago | reply

      This is what Macaulay Culkin should have used in Home Alone!

    14. Allie Wojtaszek 55 months ago | reply

      Dice envy indeed!

    15. Wil McQueen 54 months ago | reply

      Say this in a high decibel Frau Farbissina German accent: "DICE, ALL DICE!"

    16. mikeyq6 54 months ago | reply

      I do love the one with the 'Set Phaser to Kill' side. What do the others say?

    17. laura2daisy 53 months ago | reply

      Woow i want them take a picture of each dice and tell us the storys about them ;)

    18. phyllie417 53 months ago | reply

      I'm mildly offended that I don't see the die i gave you... just kidding... I'm horribly offended... Bazinga!

    19. CASIO. *** CLICK HERE *** [deleted] 51 months ago | reply

      Dice, Dice Baby!

    20. Chris Brightwell 28 months ago | reply

      Wil! It's been two years! How about an updated pic of the dice collection?

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