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I'm Wil. I'll be playing the part of the Orange X.

When we shoot a TV show or a movie, we often have to cheat our looks closer or farther away from the camera during our closeups.


Most of the time, the place we're supposed to look is marked with a piece of tape, like an orange X, for example.


When we shot the "showdown" sequence on Leverage, Aldis and I both had to cheat our looks on most of the shots, but there was one set up where I was able to stand just to the side of the camera for him. We were feeling silly that day, so I grabbed some tape and put an orange X right on my forehead.


"Hi, I'm Wil, and I'll be playing the part of the Orange X," I told him.


We all laughed, and I spent several minutes describing the different choices I make for different colors of tape.


"Playing the Red X is very different from playing the Blue X, and though I've tried my best, I've never really been able to nail playing a Green X."


(Thanks to Marc Roskin, who took this picture with his iPhone and e-mailed it to me.)

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Taken on June 22, 2009