Borg Truck

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    "Than you for calling the Borg. This is Locutus. Shall we assimilate a home or a business for you today?"

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    1. Dennis Knake ages ago | reply

      I wonder how a borg cube would look like with a phone number written on its side... :-) "Borg Assimilation Inc. Call 555-7OF9 and enjoy the ride" .... funny though... good shot.. hehe!

    2. The Eggplant ages ago | reply

      Oh, Wil Wheaton, how funny that is.

    3. paterfamilius32 ages ago | reply

      Your fragile valuables will be assimilated.

    4. absurd_hero ages ago | reply

      ha! this reminds me of ST:Greenpeace. What a plot for a screenplay, the borg are actually from the earth's past. a bay area dotcom bomb that morphs into a moving company, run by ucb grad students, one of which is handicapped during a moving job, and sets out the rest of his days to develop bionic limbs to restore his mobility.......

    5. Leathers ages ago | reply

      Makes me think that they'd eventually be assimilated by the PODS corporation.

    6. zero g ages ago | reply


    7. Casey McKinnon ages ago | reply

      Coolest. Truck. EVER.

    8. Purplejuju ages ago | reply

      LMAO How cool is that?!

    9. jwill9311 ages ago | reply

      that's just freakin awesome!

    10. lhiannon27 ages ago | reply

      I'm amazed at the guy who was shocked they're out of San Francisco...that IS where Starfleet HQ is after all....DUH!

    11. hey SP ages ago | reply

      this reminds me of spudnuts :(

    12. atomicshark ages ago | reply

      Great find. I see they traded in the cube for a rectangle on wheels. :)

    13. Astrazoic [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Those guys really have gone downhill. Budget cuts or something. Maybe soon they will have bakesales or something.

    14. Marius Muscalu ages ago | reply

      why is this in explore ? :)

    15. surfy.quarantasette 119 months ago | reply

      Alla guida c'era LOCUTUS???? O__O

    16. 94 months ago | reply

      The Borg are in San Francisco.
      Starfleet is f...uhm, is's over :D.

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