Documentary: Summer Night
Photographs taken at the Summer Night Showcase, July 16th, 2011, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The goal of this shoot was to document the runway activities in a clean fashion so that design work could be completed in some design pieces with the photographs.

The Summer Night Showcase 2011 was a fashion runway show presented by the EA Effect boutique (fashions & venue) and BELL Management (makeup, hair styling, & models). The venue was the Piazza at Schmidts

Order of Runway Events
+ Handbag Collection by Debbie Brooks
+ Hair Fashions by Bethany Bell
+ Sandy by Amaresinh
+ Pearl in Crown
+ Men's Collection Independent Flavor
+ Independent Flavor Women

Models, in alphabetical order
Shilea Allen (Facebook)
Talia Arochas (Facebook)
Brooklyn Billi (Facebook)
James Cambell (MM#1983774)
Selena Cliett (Facebook)
Aquasia Davis (MM#2222579)
DeAngelo Davis (Facebook)
Terrance Frazier (Facebook)
Raymond Grady (Facebook)
Imani Harvin (Facebook)
Mekkah McIlhenny (Facebook)
Meghan Quinn (Facebook)
Alexandra Parker (pending)
Amanda Penna (pending)
Sally Wong (Facebook)

Hair Stylists
Bethany 'Queen B' Bell (MM#1560482)
Jimmy Moore (pending)

Michelle Rivera (Facebook)

Director of Bell Management
Phillip Stokes (MM#2172010)

BTW, I'm Will Stotler, the photographer, Model Mayhem #1338163 or
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