Documentary: Aqua Night
Documentary photo set taken at Aqua Night, a fashion event hosted at the Walnut Room in Philadelphia, June 2011.

My focus was on capturing the models "wearing" their hairstyles--which required some creative lighting tactics to get the most out of the Walnut Room.

Thanks to everyone that attended and contributed to make this event a success--it was great to shoot.

(Pssssst. . . . PDFs are available at the bottom of the Design Project: Aqua Night article.)

Becca Morris (MM#2237157)
Jasmine Beatty (Facebook)
Aquasia Davis (MM#2222579)
Sally Wong (Facebook)
Rebecca Arthur (Facebook)
Selena Cliett (Facebook)
Whitney Star (MM#1117984)
Jordana Jagdeo (MM#1198372)

Bethany 'Queen B' Bell (MM#1560482)

Michelle Rivera (Facebook)

Wardrobe Stylist
Candace Whaley (MM#1003509)

Director of Bell Management
Phillip Stokes (MM#2172010)

BTW, I'm Will Stotler, the photographer, Model Mayhem #1338163 or
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